Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 27, 2012-Birds-Gray Squirrels-Woodchuck-Mouse

House Sparrows, Cardinals and a BlueJay

Mommy Gray Squirrels watching for danger and a Chipmunk hiding under the  wiring.

This is the old female woodchuck. She came down from the back on this day. She looked better than the first day I saw her.

I spotted this little Deer Mouse. I had to open the window a little and wait for it to come out again. It looks quite fat. Probably going to have babies.. Better mice than RATS!! Never see any of those any more, thank heavens. I finally figured out this new format. Except the color of the font isn't coming out black even though it is checked for black. I'll work on that another time.


rainfield61 said...

No, never better mice than RATS.

As I smell "Ratty".

Jean said...

Your deer mouse is so cute!