Friday, May 11, 2012

Gray Fox....Finally!-May 10, 2012

Finally I got a few pics of this male gray fox. He didn't run when I opened the window like he usually does and he let me take flash pictures. I am pretty sure there must be babies close by. That's the way the others acted when it got close to the time to bring them out hunting with them. I'm sure the babies were out there somewhere hiding. I was so excited just to get these pics and can't wait to see the babies, even though it might only be at night. This pair never comes out during the day. Not yet anyway. When the babies start running around they usually do.


rainfield61 said...

I am glad to see two gray fox greeting each other.

Is this the way if we happen to meet each other?

Out on the prairie said...

nice to be awake when they visited

Ginnymo said...

This was only around 8:30 pm Steve so I'm still awake..LOL
Yes rain. Two old gray foxes...Ha!