Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 4th And 5th-Moon-Birds-Squirrels-Mouse-Chipmunk

 Squirrels were crying because a hawk was eating one of their babies back in the woods. The crows were having a fit. It was real noisy for a while till the hawk flew away.
A mouse. He even carried off the fox treats. There are lots of mice in that wall this year. This was the only brave one that stayed and let me take his picture..
The moon on the 4th. From way back in the woods.
 You sure can tell this is a mama!
 One of the new young squirrels
 This chipmunks was waiting till danger passed. There was a hawk up in the woods eating a baby squirrel I think.
Mourning Dove


Out on the prairie said...

Pretty dove shot.I like your groups of critters always

rainfield61 said...

That must be an intelligent mouse who know the power of internet.

He want to appear in Internet.