Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 16th-17th-2012-Woodchuck-Birds-Squirrels

My first sighting of the woodchuck. I was happy to see her again but she sure looks beat up since last year. She has a few scars and one is real huge on her right shoulder. Thank heavens it healed okay. She came running when I called her, to get some nuts. So I'm happy that she remembered me. Maybe I'll see a young one again this year if I'm lucky!

I love how the squirrel was looking at her and how they looked at each other in the one photo.

A female Robin wandering around listening for worms.

I see the mother squirrel going into her nest all the time so I'm sure there are babies in there. haven't seen any movement around there yet.

The mother squirrel on a branch before heading to her nest and a skunk below my window after dark.


Out on the prairie said...

All very nice,that sparrow is a charm

rainfield61 said...

I am very interested to know what is the conversation between the woodchuck and the squirrel.