Monday, April 9, 2012

April 6th-7th-2012-Moon-Birds-Squirrels-Scenery

Of course the moon was behind trees most of the night so I never got a clear shot at it on the 6th.

Black Capped Chickadee

Mourning Dove

This squirrel had a nasty big tick on it's back but I see she has chewed it off. Hope she won't get infected.

Tufted Titmouse

Different times of the day and a squirrel's nest.

All the red squirrels are still coming every day.

A male cardinal in the late afternoon.

A mommy squirrel. Hope to see the young ones soon.

I took these at 5 am on the 7th. I wanted to get up at 3 am but I slept through. When I woke up the moon was back behind some trees again..

That's a silhouette of a Lilac bud in the middle of one photo.


rainfield61 said...

Your mini zoo is as lively as usual.

And its night scene is awesome.

rainfield61 said...
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ShySongbird said...

Hi Ginny I hope you had a nice Easter, so sorry not to have got here to wish you that before the weekend!!

Lovely to catch up with all your beautiful photos again. Your moon photos are lovely, I really like that one with the silhouette of the Lilac bud, I think that's very artistic.

I love the photos of the Northern Cardinal, theTufted Titmouse and the particularly lovely one of the the Black-capped Chickadee!

Hope the weather is not too bad with you, we had rain all day yesterday, much needed but disappointing for anyone with Easter outings in mind.


Out on the prairie said...

what a lovely collection, there is always a mystic in the moon

Bernie Krausse said...

I love how in photography one can connect with the subject matter at continuously deeper levels, discovering as it were a covert conversation with the heart of nature its self. Thank you for your wonderful email Ginny. I am loving the emergence of spring from a long winter as if time its self had become frozen.

Linda said...

Hi Ginny,

Thank you so much for sharing these photos...I just love coming here to see what you have posted. Hugs to you.