Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 28, 2011-Baby Rats

Now I have baby rats out there. These two look like they are too small to be out but maybe their mom was one that died. They are cute and I feel sad for them. They seem to be alone but I was reading up on them and they are on their own at five weeks and did you know that male rats are sexually active by five or six weeks?? In captivity they take the males away from the females. They will even mate with their sisters and mothers..Yikes! No wonder there are so many so fast!! If you don't get at them soon they will multiply way too fast.
I still have to put more poison out in the wall but it's been too damn warm and the chipmunks are out again. So now I have to wait for cold weather to set in. By that time I could have dozens and dozens of rats.. I think I did get rid of quite a few but now I am still seeing a few adults and now these babies. Heaven only knows how many other babies are lurking in there..

Look at that little pug nose on that one..LOL


Out on the prairie said...

Maybe you need a BB gun.

rainfield61 said...

I have a wild thought:

Will the critters celebrate Christmas?

Ratty said...

Even rats are cute when they're babies. It's a shame they're such pests.

Ginnymo said...

I almost thought of buying a BB Gun one time Steve..Ha! And when I first moved here 15 years ago I owned two pellet pistols but sold them. Now I sure wished I hadn't. I was a good shot too.
Yes. My critters always celebrate Christmas Rain..ha!
I know Ratty. They are cute and I guess they make real good pets. the domestic kind. These two babies weren't around today. I think they were going to die soon anyway. But I'm always afraid there will be more.