Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 21st-22nd-2011-Scenery-Titmouse-Victims Of Poison

I always enjoy seeing the sun coming up through the woods.. if you look closely at the bottom pics you can also see a jet stream behind the trees.

I love these little birds. They are so cute and have the cutest sound.

The squirrel's nests, far and close views.

Now we come to the little critters that ate some of the rat poisoned peanut butter balls that I put inside the rock wall. This is a vole that was dying.

These are three critters that have been affected from the poison. The field Mouse and Voles eat the balls inside the wall. Then sometimes they crawl outside and the skunk will eat them if they come across them dead. Apparently that is what happened to this skunk.

He's in the first stages of the poison right now and a bit wobbly. He did end up going back up around the rock wall and heading home. I hope he made it back to his hole and if he is dying will die inside it. I'm not sure if any other animals will eat skunks after they are dead. I'm still not quite sure if he is poisoned because he has a big wad of Burdock Thistles stuck to his belly and that could have been the reason. I'm hoping so. But I have my doubts only because they will eat any little critter they come across , dead or alive.

He was such a cute little skunk too. I was talking to him and he was looking at me with those little black eyes. I feel so guilty.

The Mama rat and two of her offspring are the only ones left out there that I can see now. She must not be touching those balls. She was my first one here and looks like she will be the last. I will have to try something else to get her. She's very smart.


Out on the prairie said...

sad to see others being affected.Have a good holiday

Ginnymo said...

Yes it is Steve. It's been toow arm here and eysterday and today I saw chipmunks out. That makes me real nervous. Also two of the fox pups were outside my window. First time I've seen any in a few weeks. Now I will be worried that they too ate a poisoned rodent. I'm not putting any more poison out. I will have to try something else.

Ratty said...

You did what you had to do. Hopefully it will work out for the best.