Friday, November 4, 2011

November 1st-3rd-2011-Squirrel-Rats-Chipmunks-Scenery

This chipmunk sits up on top of the wall being very careful because he knows there's a rat in there somewhere. So far I have not seen any injured chipmunks but I'm always afraid for them.

The moon behind the trees and the sky after sunset. We've been having some beautiful weather here. In the 50's.

There are now two rats out there. One is smaller and follows the female one around. It might be one of her kids. She still looks pregnant to me but maybe she's just fat and was weaning her babies.

Some of the chipmunks enjoying the last of the fall sunshine. I'm not sure when they will go in their dens. But right now it's too nice outside.

The woods was a bit foggy on this morning as the sun was coming up through them.

This squirrel was a distance away but I still took her photo. It's a bit blurry because I used the digital zoom also. I don't like using that as much.

The female adult rat sits in the wall watching that chipmunk. The chipmunk can get down inside that grate real fast though. The rat can't fit through the openings. She's too fat.. I'm glad. The younger rat looks out from the wall also.

Rat, rats, rats! Whatever am I going to do about them? I have to get rid of them or the landlord will find out if the women next door or upstairs reports them. Then I'll be told not to feed the animals permanently.


Country Mouse Studio said...

oh that would be horrible, too bad the foxes don't go after the rats. Love your chipmunk photo

Ratty said...

I hope the rat problem somehow solves itself for you. Normally I would wonder out loud why we think rats are so different from other little creatures, but this is one type of animal that deserves its bad reputation.

rainfield61 said...

Rat rats, rats!!

You have rats visiting your house, and your blog