Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 19, 2011-Snow-Sky-Clouds-Birds-Rats

Just a dusting of snow on the ground as the sun was coming up through the woods. It all melted by afternoon.

There's squirrels on the light, snow covered branches but you can't see them too well. Squirrels seem to like the snow around here. At least mine do..Ha!

A Blue Jay and House Sparrows and the moon in the morning sky.

A mixture of blue and gray.

I have counted nine rats now. Some are young and at different ages. I've been putting out the poison peanut butter balls since Tuesday. Haven't seen any dying yet. I should soon. I'd rather not see them dying though but just disappear. Their little faces look at me each day now and I feel so bad. But it has to be done. I very carefully put the small balls as deep into those rocks as I can so the squirrels won't be able to reach them. I got an old curtain rod and used one half of it. Slid a spoon into the slot of the rod and taped it with electrical tape. It's long enough for me to reach out my bedroom window. Works real good. But I still want the maintenance man to put some into their main entrance hole where I see the Mama rat go all the time. I will watch him to make sure he doesn't put them too close to the outside.
I'm not going to feed the foxes any more and will continue to feed the birds and squirrels all winter but not as much. And I'm not going to throw the nuts up over that wall any more. The nuts and seeds will be put in a dish below my window and they will all have to come down there to get them. Time to ween them off the food. It will give me more money in my pocket also. I've been spending way too much on all the critters.
Wish me luck on getting rid of all those rats.


Out on the prairie said...

that is not a good neighbor,sad to not be able to send them off

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Hi Ginny - great photo's and love the top picture of your blog.

The photo program I use to enhance my photo's - like the picture of Derby in the frame of Xmas lights can be found on a free software program called Picasa. Within Picasa is another program called Picnic and that is were you will find the fancy frames, etc.

Have a great Turkey day ...
Katie from

rainfield61 said...

The rats look good in pictures, but not in your neighbourhood.

Ratty said...

It's a shame rats can't just be like other wild animals. Unfortunately they've evolved into dangerous pests. I hope you're able to get rid of them and be able to have things back to normal.

Ginnymo said...

I'm working on the rat situation but have had a few victims in the process. Voles, Field mice and unfortunately a skunk has eaten the little critters after they die. Now I'm hoping nothing eats the skunks.
Thanks for the info Katie. And Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

grandelights said...

It's too bad that we have to sacrifice the creatures we enjoy to get rid of the ones that annoy.
I've been enjoying your site.Love your photos.