Friday, October 29, 2010

October 29, 2010-Scenery And Critters

The sunrise and the moon at the same time that morning.

A Black Crow. That squirrel's nest is off in the distance also. See how all the leaves have gone now from that tree.

A squirrel on a branch in the early sun and a closer view of the squirrel's nest.

The back hill and woods. Still some color close to the ground. The foxes can still hide pretty good back there.

This cargo plane seems to go by every day. It's always pretty low and loud.

Some of the Gray foxes at night and a skunk. My favorite critters of course!


rainfield61 said...

Is it going to be winter and thus the sky is getting more and more blue?

Ginnymo said...

Yes. The sky does seem more blue in the fall Rainfield. Got to enjoy those days while we can. Before long it will be snowing.