Monday, October 18, 2010

October 17th And 18th Critters And Skies-Misc

The sun was behind the tree. I liked the way the clouds looked. Real dark below and blue on top. The rains had subsided and it was starting to clear up finally.

A squirrel sitting on top of the rock wall and a BlueJay checking out the area. Probably both were waiting for me to throw some food out.

I like different cloud formations. The silver lining doesn't show up as good in the photos as it looked in person.

My favorite old Gray Fox . He will sit there like a puppy dog just waiting for me to come to the window and throw out some nuts. I bet sometimes he sits out there for an hour before I see him. The lady upstairs tells me she sees him sitting there. He comes every day and was the daddy to some of the pups. He's been here for a few years now. He has a little niche in his left ear. Maybe from a fight. Or maybe one of the pups got too rough and bit a piece off. His left eye isn't as open as the right I noticed. I hope he makes it through the winter again this year. I hope I do also.

A little house sparrow sitting all alone and then he flew towards me.

A House Sparrow or House Finch. Not sure which. The Squirrel's nest is very visible now that the leaves have fallen from that area.. A pretty female Cardinal sits all alone on the branch. And a Blue jay sits way over on that old stump, probably eating a nut.

This squirrel was sitting in the tree branches waiting for the fox to leave. And so was that little Chipmunk. A few of the fallen leaves. They are piling up fast out there.

Two of the fox pups at dusk, eating some nuts.

The moon through the woods tonight, the 18th.

One of the fox pups on it's way home for the evening. I can't get clear photos when it's almost dark. He's so handsome.

The foxes and the skunks are always trying to get at the nuts before one or the other eats them all. That skunk came running down from the woods so fast when it heard me throw some nuts out. Ha! I love watching them all!


rainfield61 said...

You have a long but interesting story about your mini zoo today.

The sun and clouds are the newcomer.

ShySongbird said...

A delightful post, Ginny! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is always so nice to see all your lovely creatures. I would say the bird you were unsure of is a female House Sparrow, we don't have House Finches here but do have the sparrows.