Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 16, 2010-Fall Trees And Skunks

The leaves are thinning out fast and they aren't as pretty now. I spotted this one pretty orange leaf that had fallen. That squirrel's nest looks lonely up there. Not much protection for them. I think they abandoned this one for the winter. Squirrels will have more than one nest just to use for shelter at times. That helicopter was sure loud when it went over. I didn't catch it soon enough though for a better photo.

In the top photo you can see one of the skunks coming down out of the woods. On the bottom there are two skunks out there begging for food. When I open the window they put their paws up on the building. They are so cute!


Martha Z said...

The skunks are pretty but they can be a nuisance. The foxes are my favorite; I wish I had some to watch. I shouldn’t complain I do get to see a lot of birds here and when I’m in the mountains there are plenty of squirrels and deer.

rainfield61 said...

I have my little creatures, and more to come.

Yours are as cute!!

Country Mouse Studio said...

I can smell the skunks, beautiful photos as always