Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 4, 2010-Woodchuck-Older Skunk

This young woodchuck is still shy and takes off when I open the window. He comes back faster now though because he can't resist the nuts.

The squirrels are getting more comfortable around this woodchuck. They used to run from them.

This old skunk sure looks like she might be going to have babies. Just what I need. More skunks!! Yikes..Ha!


Bemused26 said...

Hi ginny, haven't been by in a while sorry :/

Great photos as usual. That skunk certainly does look a bit pregnant for sure.

talking of babies... I recently lost my cat and on that same day a hedgehog appeared in the garden. I started to feed it my left over cat food and it has been back everynight since. 2 days ago, I got confused as I saw another hedgehog in the garden, then another, then 'my' hedgehog', then another! It turns out that my hedgehog has bought all her babies up to the garden too :)

We now have 3 babies feeding and 1 Mum. I did post a video of Mum feeding on my blog. I don't think you get hedgehogs over there. They are getting increasingly rare over here in the Uk and I was shocked to find them in my garden because I live in a town, but we have a good strip of gardens along my street so they are doing well there.

I will be checking back to your blog soon :)

Samuel said...

Great pictures. I love how the animals will eat right by each other.

Jean said...

I took Ratty's suggestion to visit your blog and very glad I did!
Love all your photos!