Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 1st And 2nd Collages

A mommy skunk with two of her kits. One kit stayed up on the top and didn't come down around the rock wall with the rest of them. Hope they met up later when they went home.

Lots of photos of the fox family of course.. I love watching them as they romp around up on the back hill. I can see them a lot better now that the grass is all mowed. The pups are getting so big. They are beautiful animals. I don't like to see October come around because that's when they can be trapped and shot.

I laughed when I saw them playing like this..Ha!

This pup is so beautiful. His tail is so pretty the way it hangs down almost to the ground. The Grandmother's tail hangs that way and she is so pretty.

Can't believe we are into August already. Time goes too fast. My fox pups are getting so big now but still playing as always. I love it when the parents play with them and run all over the place. I've been getting some good video of them all playing on the back hill. I can see them better since they mowed that hill down last week.


rainfield61 said...

Seeing so many animals around, I wonder whether they do enter you house, especially the skunks.

Ratty said...

All of these are very beautiful animals. Skunks have always been a favorite of mine. Your foxes are such charming creatures.

Samuel said...

Great photos. I love the skunk.

Ginnymo said...

I hope they never enter my place Rain. Ha! Yikes! They are close enough below my window. Close enough to touch them but I never have. I love the skunks too Ratty and Samuel. They squeak at me when they talk... I love to watch the young ones around their mothers.

Bemused26 said...

Excellent pictures, Those skunks are beautiful! And the foxes, very pretty. It must be awesome to see them out like that.