Friday, July 23, 2010

More Critters Of Course! July 20-22nd-2010

The evening sky after a storm that night.

Fox pups. One with it's dad.

The mama woodchuck. She sure is fat!

American Black Crows

One of the young woodchucks.

The fox pups. Love all three in a row in that one photo but wish it had come out clearer.

This is one of last year's pups. This one is always watching for the other adult foxes because they chase this one away. He sneaks in to get some nuts.


rainfield61 said...

Your place is, besides a mini zoo, the United Nations of the animals kingdom.

Samuel said...

I really like the woodchuck.

Ratty said...

That first fox picture where it is looking over the rock wall is extra special. You always have good ones, but there is always one or two that really stand out.