Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 10th Early AM-Fox Family

The pups were having a ball this morning, running around and climbing the trees. Their Dad and Mom were out there watching over them. Even the mom was running around with them for a while. So cute! I thought I saw three pups just as it was getting dark last night but now I'm not sure. It might have been their mom running around with them. She seems pretty playful too.

One of the pups looking up at something. Two foxes in the bushes and a juvenile female cardinal.


Samuel said...

Nice collages! I bet it would be fun to watch the foxes play!

rainfield61 said...

Have you joined the ball as well, or merely a photographer?

ShySongbird said...

It is such fun catching up with all your beautiful creatures, Ginny. I enjoyed watching the Fox and Skunks video :)

How nice that mum Fox is playful too.

The juvenile Blue Jay is just so sweet!

All your creatures look very well fed. No wonder they are always playing near your window, they must have the best restaurant in the area :)

Hugs, Jan

Ratty said...

I like that these foxes look so happy and carefree. I hope they can feel that way for a long time.