Monday, July 26, 2010

July 25, 2010-The Fox Family-Other Critters

The whole gang of foxes early in the morning. Just wish I could see up over that wall better.

One of the pips chewing on something and watching the birds. And one of the pups from behind. Gray foxes have that stripe running down their tails.

Another one of the pups. He was digging in the grass for bugs or something before he headed back in the bushes.

The young Woodchuck. He has to get a lot fatter before winter. His mama is huge.

This chipmunk is still getting around good with his broken foot. The skunk seems to be looking up at that squirrel and saying, "come on down", I won't spray you"..Ha!

This Crow was squawking a lot.

A young skunk

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Ratty said...

Great closeups of the skunk. I bet that squirrel was teasing the skunk. Squirrels can get ornery sometimes.