Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Birds And Squirrels On This Blustery Day-Jan.-3rd-10

It sure was a snowy, blustery day here again. We got a few more inches of snow today. More coming every day this week I guess. I guess we will be buried in snow by the end of January by the sounds of it. I will have to get some of my videos of the wind and snow on here as soon as I get them uploaded somewhere.


Ratty said...

I love these pictures! These are birds I don't see in the winter here very much. I mostly see robins, and now starlings. And that squirrel looks perfect the snow.

Tony nile life said...

Lovely pics. just a pleasure looking in on your blog.
trying to work out if you had made a date mistake. we say 3/1/2010
and of course we are right.
date month year,and there again it does not really matter our wild life care not. they are always here for us to see.

Ginnymo said...

Thanks Ratty!
Ha! No. I didn't make a mistake Tony There are different ways of putting the date down. When I write 1-3-2010 I mean Jan 3rd 2010. So not to confuse the ones in other countries I maybe should write it out instead of using numbers???
Thanks for the comments I appreciate them all!!

rainfield61 said...

These critters may continue their holidays, but I have to return to office. I have not been the first to comment. Sigh!!!

Connie said...

I checked out your blog photos, then went and got an extra blanket.

Ginnymo said...

Sorry you have to return to work Rain...ha!
Made you feel cold huh Connie? It's been too darn cold here and looks to be for the whole week. I haven't ventured out yet but I will have to soon. I need to clean my car off and shovel around it.

The Retired One said...

I am just DROOLING over those Cardinal shots..I love those birds!