Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Deer Came Early Tonight-Jan. 13th-2010

I was surprised to see a few of the deer out there early tonight. I got a few photos. Then they went through the neighbor's yards to get to other bird feeders. They got spooked though and ran back up through into the woods. Later they came back after dark. That little one was right down near my windows again. He wandered into the tight spot by my bedroom window. I was watching him because I was worried about him trying to walk up the rock wall and fencing. He did try to get out that way but turned around and came back and lingered by the window for a while, eating whatever leftover nuts were out there. I shined the flash light on him to make him go towards the front so he could find his way out and get back up on the hill. The other deer had already gone home. One of the foxes was out there at the same time. First time I've seen one in a while. Did not see the crippled one though. Hope I do soon just so I'll know he's still okay.
These are the photos I got tonight and some from today of the birds and hawk. I got some photos of the Cardinal in flight today too. And that Sharp-Shinned Hawk was in that tree for a very long time. The squirrel was nearby and at one time tried to climb around the hawk but decided to go up further to a different branch.


rainfield61 said...

I hope I'll stay beside a mini "zoo" like you.

But it is also no good as I shall not go hiking so often by then.

Tony nile life said...

I am so pleased that you chose yourself a place that you can see the wonderful wildlife from the comfort of your own surroundings,
well done on your photos that you share with us.

Ginnymo said...

Yes Rain. I am lucky to have this little corner where I can watch so many of the wildlife and feed them without anyone seeing me..Ha! Ha! If I could hike I'd be out there for sure. you are lucky to be able to get out and go places. Since I can't, God has provided me with these critters. I am lucky and blessed!
Thank you Tony.

Ratty said...

You got some excellent stuff this time! I love seeing the deer. I haven't seen any for awhile, but I see their tracks everywhere. The pictures of the cardinal in flight are wonderful. And the video with the hawk and the squirrel is as good as anything you've had. It looks like that squirrel was trying to steal something from the hawk.

Ginnymo said...

Ratty. The squirrel goes home that way all the time and the hawk was in his way. It looks like he was carrying something in his mouth for a second there but put it down. I think he was chewing at the bark as he was trying to pass the hawk. Maybe just a nervous action..LOL He actually was trying to go under that branch I think but then decided he'd better go up to another one and go home that way. He knew that hawk was too small to bother with him. But when the big hawk is around those squirrels really run and hide.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Ginny- the video of the hawk and squirrel is amazing. I can't believe that the hawk just sat there and let the squirrel pass. Their relative sizes were interesting too.