Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan. 12, 2009-Deer At Night Near Building Too

These two deer were around again tonight. It is a Doe and her young one. The pictures aren't that good because I was taking them through the window. Too much noise in them. There used to be a set of twins and I think this is the only one left now. He's a brave one. He keeps coming down close to the building to eat the nuts that are out there for the fox. That's not good. Now the fox won't get any. I got one of him as he was right outside my living room window. I opened the bedroom window and he never ran. In fact, I had to talk to him to get him to come out where I could get a photo. Then he realized I was there and ran to the top and other side of the rock wall where I got the other photo of him. The poor thing still has Burdock stuck to his tail. The mother had ran off as soon as she saw me at the window. I saw more deer in the neighbor's yard after dark, going to the bird feeders. They do that every winter.
I'll be getting better photos soon. As the days get longer, they will be here when it's lighter.


Ratty said...

Hopefully both animals have other food sources. The good thing is that these animals are built for surviving winter. That deer has a very thick neck.

rainfield61 said...

The deer come so close to your home. You may touch them in one day when you become their best friend.