Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 29, 2010-Friday-Birds-Moon

Tracks in the snow. Bottom ones are from the fox.

Tufted Titmouse

House Sparrows freezing in the sub-zero weather and wind. A White-Throated Sparrow and a Nuthatch, who likes to come down to the ground and get some nuts also. And of course a Bluejay.

The Cardinals. I wish that female wasn't so quick. Never get very many good photos of her.

The poor Mourning Doves were really cold. There were lots of them down here today in the wind and cold.

This is the moon at 2 am and at 4 am behind the tree.I got up to take pictures and as I opened the window a fox was just coming down. I scared him away. It was below zero so I didn't linger there for long. The one behind the tree was taken through the window.


The Retired One said...

Wasn't that moon BRIGHT??? It was amazing last night!

Love, love your cardinal pictures, like usual!!

rainfield61 said...

We had the biggest and brightest moon in 3oth Jan according to local newspaper.

Ginnymo said...

Wish I could have gotten a photo of that moon before it got dark but I would have had to go outside and in the front of the building. It was too dang cold to do that!! Last night it was real bright again but I didn't bother to get up... Was zero out there again. Brrrrr!
Thanks for the comments Joan and Rain!! I appreciate them!!

Connie said...

Really nice collages.

Ratty said...

I'm glad to see your full moon pictures. I always seem to get lazy when the moon is full, so I never get my own. I like the fox tracks. I'm hoping to be able to learn the difference between wild and domestic dogs, so I can find some fox or coyote tracks. I think fox look a little like cat tracks. Coyote is all in the pattern of their path.