Monday, March 12, 2012

March 9th-10th-2012-Snow-Critters-Birds

A Junco in the snow on the 9th. The snow came down heavy that day and we got a few inches. It sure was pretty.

A Carolina Wren in the snow.

Mourning Dove and squirrel tracks in the snow.

A Gray squirrel covered in snow.

That night I saw my first skunk all winter. Also saw two Gray Fox. They had been right where the skunk is but ran. They were up by the tree and I tried to get a picture of them but the snow got in the way. But I am happy that there are two around. I might see pups this year after all!

The moon behind the trees on the the 9th.

This red squirrel was digging in the snow that morning. he was cute with his face all snow. This is on the 10th.

Starlings. Everyone's favorite bird..Ha!


This little fella had a second to close his eyes...

Some Red Wing Black Birds came around again on the 10th.


rainfield61 said...

Beautiful and lovely critters to start the week.

Out on the prairie said...

lovely shots, I enjoyed seeing the snowy shots best.

Ratty said...

I love those pictures with the snow on the animals. They made me smile immediately.

ShySongbird said...

It still looks so Wintry there, Ginny! It is much more Springlike here. I thought the photos of the Squirrel with snow piled on it were amazing...poor little Squirrel.

I also enjoyed seeing your birds on the previous post and the pretty little Chipmunk with its pizza prize :-)

The post about the Carolina Wren was very interesting too.

Hugs... :-)

Wren said...

I enjoyed your photos so much I had to scroll down further and see more. I love the way you designed your blog, and your photography is enchanting and amazing.