Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 18th-20th-2012-Red Squirrel-Skunk-Fox Eyes

The Red Squirrel and Chipmunks. Sometimes one of the red squirrels chases the chipmunks all the time but this one will stay there till they get real close.

This red squirrel is the one that chases all the chipmunks. He's looking for one in the wall. I've never seen him catch one yet. I don't want to see that. They might hurt one another.

A couple of the skunks are back around here now. This is one of them. I was taking pictures from the top part of my window in case the coon came along..

This is all I could get of the fox. Just his eyes shining in the dark. I'm just happy there are still two around.


peter said...

nice clicks:)

rainfield61 said...

Winter is over, and the critters are back.