Monday, December 5, 2011

Critters From December 4, 2011

This one rat seems to be the only one left out there for now. I'm going to call him Oscar. He is funny and cute to watch. Except for when he tries to catch the chipmunk or act like he's trying to find a way inside this building.. I'll leave him alone for now.

This is the only chipmunk that is out there also. I hope he's careful. I do worry about the rat getting him. It's a good thing he has that grate to run down into. The rat tries to get in there but can't.

I don't like to see the chipmunk running through the walls. It's supposed to get much colder this week so maybe he will disappear into his den for a while.

Just some sky scenery after the sun went down.

And the moon through the branches again.


Ratty said...

You certainly got some of your best pictures this time, and that's saying something. You've made the house sparrow look majestic, the squirrel looks amazing, and the chipmunk looks stunning. And you've even managed to get me to agree with you about Oscar the rat. He makes me wish again that rats weren't such pests (but white rats with eye patches aren't pests though, of course).

rainfield61 said...

What can I say, a rat comments better than me.