Monday, November 19, 2012

November 10th-15th-2012-Critters And Birds

 One of the coons was out on this night. Didn't see the other one.
 It's been in the low 20's every morning but these little girls still come out. I never saw frost on an animal before but these deer always have frost on their backs. It must be do to their insulation.
 Male and female cardinals
 The black squirrel has found a home. He's staying around.
 A gray squirrel as he makes his way to his nest one evening.
 The young female deer.
 A pretty BlueJay
 The black squirrel was investigating that nest. He didn't go inside and came back down fast.
 The deer out back
 Nice and fat for the winter


jean pell said...

Ginny, I always have enjoyed your up-close wildlife photos. But these are tops. Did you get a new camera?
The Black Squirrel is my favorite...because I have never seen one. Exotic critters they are.:)

rainfield61 said...

It is good to see your pretty neighbors.

Dee said...

I love those pictures. I need to get a better camera. My pictures never turn out that great.