Monday, November 5, 2012

Nov. 1st-4th-2012-I Have A New Squirrel-Black One

 Male and Female Cardinals
 Male Cardinal
 Red Bellied Woodpecker

 Look what showed up outside my window! In all my life I have never seen a black squirrel.
 I guess he has decided to stay. This was the second day.
 All the girls. The two Does and two young ones.
 The black squirrel up on the dead branch.
 Morning sun. And that was the only sun I saw the rest of the day.
 Cardinals and a black capped chickadee.
 Clips off my video of the black squirrel.
Clips of video of daddy fox. I seldom see him now since it's hunting and trapping season. I haven't seen the mom or the pups.


rainfield61 said...



For having a black squirrel.

ShySongbird said...

What a treat for you Ginny and for us of course :-) It is a stunning looking squirrel. They are being seen more often here now although I never have. I did see a black rabbit earlier in the year though which is unusual. I love those Cardinals too :)

Altogether a lovely selection of photos both here and on the last post...Hugs!