Monday, September 24, 2012

September 18th-22nd-2012-Wildlife

 Northern Flicker
 Mama deer and the three fawns.
 The daddy fox waiting for some nuts one morning.
 Yep! The rat is still here. But the lady who lives next door spotted it and told everyone in the building and the office. Of course the story has been blown out of proportion and now there are three rats and they are the size of cats!!! Ha! I expect to get a letter soon. Meanwhile the maintenance man has put a live trap down inside the grate where it was coming from. But the smart rat has not gone near there since.

 The back yard on a beautiful sunny morning. This is the view from my window. Can you see the squirrel sitting on the rock wall in the foreground?

 First time I've seen a cat around here in ages. But of course it will never catch that rat!..Ha!
 One of the pretty red squirrels who are still hanging around.
 I love these beautiful birds. I very seldom get the opportunity to get pictures. So was happy that this one sat still long enough for me.
 Mama deer was out by herself.

 Don't handle these things. They leave an awful rash.
I had never seen one of these before so watched them for quite a while. They aren't poisonous but can have a bad allergic reaction to some who handle them. I wouldn't let any kids play with them.

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