Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 12th-17th-2012

 This is the other Doe. The one fawn is hers but it always hung with the other doe and fawns. This is the first I'd seen her all summer.

 The other doe with her fawn.

 This is the other doe's fawn. It's coming out by itself a lot now. I'm wondering if it's a male.

And a sad story. This mourning dove got attacked by a hawk but the hawk got spooked and left it with lots of it's tail feathers missing and an injured leg and bald spot on it's head. I got it inside and gave it a warm, comfortable spot for the night but it died by morning. It was bleeding more than I thought. From the neck area. It was bright eyed at 8 pm. I gave it some water and then put it in a dark, warm spot for the night. This happened just before dark. It's good in a way that it died. It would have taken months to get back in shape and then it might never have flown again. I did my best.


ShySongbird said...

The deer have such sweet faces and your photos are as lovely as ever.

Such a shame about the dove but you couldn't have done more than you did Ginny, so glad your tried!

So sorry not to visit lately, I just can't seem to keep up with blogging as much as I used to :-( I hope all is well with you, sending hugs :-)

rainfield61 said...

This is one of the stories of the daily happenings.