Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wildlife Photos-January-2014

It's been a very cold winter so far. Hope everyone is staying warm. As you can see, I'm still alive and well. I can't believe it myself! It's been over three years since my operation, when they told me that I wouldn't last a year. I never go back to any doctors and I don't take any medications, except for a couple Ibuprofen for back or leg aches. That's from my Polio related stuff. Not the cancer. I do have a tumor growing in my lower right side, but it isn't bothering me yet. It's in God's hands, not any doctors!! Meanwhile, I'm still enjoying the wildlife outside my windows. I don't see the deer very often and I haven't seen a fox since last Sept. I'm hoping to see some this summer though!
Till next time! :)

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Ratty said...

Your pictures always make me smile. You have one of the best views of nature out your window.