Monday, December 17, 2012

December 8th-14th Wildlife-2012-Milly Is Gone

 Cardinals waiting for snow.
 Tilly is all alone this past week. She just comes with her Aunts now at times and sometimes she's alone. Milly, her twin sister has been killed by hunters I think, along with their mom. Lots of gunshots were heard on the last day of hunting. That's when they can kill Does. I am sad and Tilly is lonesome and very nervous now. Damn hunters aren't supposed to kill the young ones.
 The sky with the sun behind the clouds at sunset.
 One of Tilly's Aunts and Tilly.
 A frosty morning with the sun coming up through the back woods.
 The black squirrel is still here. I love him!
Isn't he beautiful!! I sure hope he survives out there this winter.