Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 11th Thru 14th-2012-New Red Squirrels

 One of the new young red squirrels. I've seen two. One male and one female. They sure are noisy and aggressive and will chase the gray squirrels and chipmunks. Cute to watch.
 One of the young chipmunks

This adult male was the one with the short tail in March. It sure sprouted out funny.. I never thought it would grow again. None of the chipmunk's tails grow back.
 The mom red squirrel and one of her young ones. They are as big as she is now though. I don't think she would let them down here till they were on their own. They sure teach their young well!

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rainfield61 said...

The red cardinal looks so serious.

The squirrel must have stolen its food.