Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Few Critter Collages-April 1, 2010

It was a beautiful day! Going to be 80 degrees tomorrow and Saturday!! I can't wait for everything to turn green again! The buds are slowly coming out on all the trees. The foxes are starting to come out before dark. That one in the collage was waiting there with a smile on his face. He was hoping that I'd throw him some nuts up over the rock wall like I used to, but I can't since I broke my wrist. Eventually he knew he had to come down closer if he wanted the nuts. I can talk to that one too. The Robins are around. One pair anyway. Pretty soon there will be young birds all around. I've never seen young Robins but I have seen the young Cardinals. I still have not seen a Woodchuck. But I know they are way back there in the woods somewhere. The only thing I don't like are the bugs showing up because of the warm weather. As long as they stay outside I'm happy..Ha! And as you can see, my rat is still around, eating right along with the squirrels. She was hoping to be able to get through that grate but she doesn't fit, thank heavens. The Chipmunks hide down there. Lots of hustle and bustle out there these days. I love Spring!
Have a great Easter weekend everyone!


rainfield61 said...

The gray squirrel in the first collage stands up so cute, just like a dog waiting for food.

Samuel said...

I love your collages! They are so nice!!

Ratty said...

I have noticed the same thing here. The animals are all coming back out. The other day on my nature trail somebody stopped and asked me if I had ever seen foxes out there. I had to tell them no, but I immediately thought of your foxes at that time.