Monday, February 8, 2010

Photos From Sunday-Feb. 7th- Video of Deer

My Cockatiel, Ricky, was watching the deer with me and I was talking to him as I was taking photos of the deer. That little one that always comes down near my window actually jumped over some of the wall at the lower end. It was funny. You will see that on the video. In these photos you can get an idea of what that little area looks like with that awful looking rock retainer wall. The area outside my window is really quite small and you can see why I have to get up on a stool to get better photos of the animals when they are on top of that area. I can't get up on any stools right now because I took a bad fall last Thursday and have been on crutches and a walker since. But I'm healing up fast and plan on going out tomorrow to get groceries because it's going to snow the rest of the week.


rainfield61 said...

You are still a happy one though have been on crutches and a walker.

Am I right?

ShySongbird said...

They really are beautiful Ginny and it was lovely to see them on video and hear you (and Ricky) talking to them. I still find it incredible that they are right by your window :) Take care Ginny.

Samuel said...

Wow! Those are great pictures!

Ratty said...

I really like those shaggy looking deer. That one must be really brave to jump over that wall. I hope you continue to heal fast from your fall.

The Retired One said...

Sorry to hear about your take care and don't push it too much, or you will take longer to heal!

What is that on the side of the deer? A sore?
And what are the biscuit type things they are eating?
Great video!

Ginnymo said...

Thanks everyone. Those are Burdock stuck to that deer. He takes them off and then gets new ones. Lots of Burdock bushes out there. The biscuits are for the foxes when they come down at night. They love chewing on them.
I'm off the crutches and walker mostly. The bruises are hurting now but I'm healing. And I'm happy anytime there are critters outside..Ha!