Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 16, 2015-Some Wildlife Photos for May.

I am seeing wildlife again! The deer are coming around and Tilly is still with her group. Since she's three years old now, I'm not sure if she had a baby this year, or not. Time will tell. And I have a few squirrels around again, and a couple chipmunks.
I'm still dealing with the same issues in my apartment, but not as bad. Every now and then, the cigarette smell gets bad though, and I choke to death. I'm still waiting for an apartment. Meanwhile, I'm still alive. This cancer hasn't got me yet, but I'm very strict on what I eat now, to keep it from growing. My blood markers were sky high in Nov. I'm hoping to get them down when I go to my doctor again in October or Nov. I eat only organic now. All Gluten free and no meat or dairy, or SUGAR! I am using my Nutri bullet, to make smoothies every day. Lots of fresh, organic veggies, and some fruits. I'm doing okay. I feel good. No pain. I've lost 50 lbs. since last April 1st. I eat an Avocado every day and I cook my own organic beans. I eat plenty of seeds and nuts, so I get plenty of protein. I keep my body alkalized. It keeps the cancer cells from growing. It's true. We are what we eat, and what we eat is what causes lots of our illnesses. Nutrition can cure us. Not Chemo or Radiation. I always refused both. It will be five years since my surgery, on Nov. 22nd. I can't wait to send that doctor a card, telling him I'm still alive, when he said I wouldn't last a year, because the cancer had spread to my liver.

Hope everyone is doing okay out there in Blogger Land. I will have to check out some blogs. I just haven't had much time lately, it seems.

Enjoy some of my wildlife pictures!
 This is Tilly, one of the twins that were born three years ago. I never see Milly. Tilly still comes over near my bedroom window, but on top of the rock wall, on the grass area. She will wag her tail and get all excited. I throw her some pieces of organic carrots. She loves them.
There are about four or five gray squirrels around again. Hope I get to see some baby ones this year.

 This red squirrel showed up too. He was fine for a month, then was missing for over a week. When he showed up, his eye was injured badly. I didn't see him for 16 days and he showed up again. This is the last day I saw him and hoping he will come back again, just so I know he's still alive. He'll never see out of that eye again. But he's healthy and fast!
This is one of two chipmunks out there. I didn't see any till late April, so wasn't sure if I was ever going to. They are so cute. There's one male and one female, so hoping to see baby ones in early summer!

 The moon in May.
 Tilly's eyes and nose. It was quite warm and the flies were bothering her.
Tilly in front of the lilacs.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 11, 2014-Long time gone

I haven't been here in so long. I want to tell you all that I don't see any wildlife these days. I had to quit feeding the squirrels and birds. landlord's orders. So I don't see them any more. Now and then a squirrel will be around, or one of the deer. A few little birds stop by, to see if there are any seeds for them, but then they go on their way. It's sad.
It hasn't been a good year. I'm looking for another apartment. I'm getting sick from all the secondhand smoke that has been coming in for the past two years. My cancer is kicking up again, so am getting strict with the alternatives.
I will add a few photos for now. Hope you all are doing well. Have a nice holiday season!
 Still a bit of color out back.
 The moon on November 4th.
This is Tilly. I hadn't seen her in a couple months. So glad she came by to say hi!! I talk to her and she wags her tail. But she is really hoping to get some apples or nuts. But I'm not allowed to throw anything out of my window any more. I'll get evicted. So, after 18 years of living here, my wildlife photography has just about come to an end. There's nothing out there except for a squirrel, now and then.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wildlife Photos-January-2014

It's been a very cold winter so far. Hope everyone is staying warm. As you can see, I'm still alive and well. I can't believe it myself! It's been over three years since my operation, when they told me that I wouldn't last a year. I never go back to any doctors and I don't take any medications, except for a couple Ibuprofen for back or leg aches. That's from my Polio related stuff. Not the cancer. I do have a tumor growing in my lower right side, but it isn't bothering me yet. It's in God's hands, not any doctors!! Meanwhile, I'm still enjoying the wildlife outside my windows. I don't see the deer very often and I haven't seen a fox since last Sept. I'm hoping to see some this summer though!
Till next time! :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Photos From December-2013

 This was the first squirrel to start coming around. So now I'm feeding them again, after not feeding since August. They all disappeared for some reason. I saved money for a few months..Ha!
 First skunk I'd seen in months also.

 A Coopers Hawk
 Eating a nut
 First time I'd seen the gals in a while. Tilly was with them. So happy to know they didn't get killed this hunting season.
 A squirrel sits up in the tree, eating off the branches.
 A Bluejay
 This guy is doing good. He had a bad front foot, but it's getting better. He's running back and forth, burying nuts.
And here's Tilly, out after dark.
Happy New Year everyone! I'm still hanging in there, as you can see!! I'm not complaining!! All is well so far!